Marley Spoon – recipes that even your mother-in-law loves!

If you’re living with a big family, then Saturday nights must be tiring for you since you have to cook for the entire family then. How bad it must be, watching everyone relax in front of the television while you are in the kitchen trying to think what to cook that would be delicious as well as liked by everyone. But now you won’t have to stand and thinking while the hot stove was still lighted without wasting your time, and all thanks goes to Marley Spoon discount codes that would be the knight in shining armor for you and prove to be your savior!

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Marley Spoon is an online store which provides the best recipes in town which are both healthy and delicious. Not only recipes but they also have the respective ingredients that when delivered to your home be as fresh as they were delivered straight from a farm.

One of the most famous offering of Marley Spoon is their family box which you can get at affordable prices all because of the Marley Spoon promo codes. The family box has various ingredients and recipes for meals for two adults and two kids. It includes vegetables, fish, meat and what not. All you have to do is follow their recipes and you’d have a dinner that everyone would love.

Listed below are few recipes that you could make and love in the family box!

  1. Chicken and Jicama Slaw Tacos

With a cook tie of thirty five minutes and an easy recipe you can devour the taste of chicken and the crispiness of tacos in one dish which has a taste that you would never forget in life and always want more!

  1. Lemon Paprika Chicken Strips

Get over from the chaos of the oven and make a pan dinner for yourself and your family. The recipe is very easy and would be heaven for all the spice lovers. It has a cook time of 25 minutes too, so you don’t even have to wait much or pay much because of the Marley Spoon discounts.


  1. Thai Beef Noodle Stir Fry

This should be your first choice for a formal dinner at you place, as Thai food is a pro at winning hearts and tastes.


  1. Sesame Crusted Chicken

Try this Japanese crusted chicken with rice – a perfect Japanese/America fusion that would definitely add some colors to your night!

Go on and try one of these recipes with ingredients from Marley Spoon using codes, and trust me you would fall in love with cooking again and again.



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