Train your toddler for her cooking journey

It feels lovely when watching own daughter finally getting interest more in cooking. Now it is no longer all about eating for her. Since she was very little we have started a long lasting tradition of home food in our kitchens. From her very initial age she start spending time with me whenever I used to work or cook on kitchen. And I personally feel it is good and healthy habit to know whatever you are eating is cooked finely. Like any other parent my aim was to impart good qualities and practices in my daughter. To make her cooking journey more joyful I start researching on some of items which could motivate my lil chef in the kitchen. So I choose on the most essential part of cooking a personalized apron for my sweetie and I got it on a discounted rate from Identity Direct Discount Code.

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The store works on personalized items which in my opinion express the feeling louder than anything else. The have a collection of personalized apron, cutlery, mugs and so many other kitchen and table ware. When she was a baby she use to head my kitchen and taste the recipe and if she liked my creativity only then a green signal was given to that recipe. Noticing her interest I discussed it with my friends and ask the milestones in the kitchen. Well I am not sure of the future but I am pretty excited to go with her cooking journey.

We started off by designating her the position of helper and making her prepare for all types of consequences she might could face in her cooking ride. She loved her personalized apron and never ever missed on wearing it when entering the kitchen. In her first standard of cooking she learned to stir. I always make sure that she has a bowl with extra room to avoid spillage. Another duty comes under her area was mashing the potatoes, making of dough. This stage helped her understand the clear difference of transformation of food and their level of texture required.

Though she use to make a lot of mess in all these procedure but she learned how clean all the stuff and then with the time she worked smoothly and appropriately without any mess. With this loved to rinse the ingredients but the most difficult task for her up till was to flip the food in pan. She is still on her way to learn this technique.

This time I received a mail from the store about the Identity Direct promotional offers and I bought some of the personalized cutlery for my love. The next step in her journey would recalling the recipes and cutting the ingredients. I hope she will continue to learn it with more zeal and will become the best master chef than me.

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